Undercover Operations With The Spy Earpiece

Many a times, you would have wondered how nice it would be if you had a teleprompter in your head. There may have been instances when a really thrilling match was going on but you` were stuck in your office attending a long meeting. While you were stuck with boring figures in your spreadsheet, you really wanted to look at the match figures. Wouldn’t you just love it if you could know what was going on in the field?

With a lot of reasons, both legal and illegal, a tiny little device has been invented to make your wishes come true. This little device is the Spy Earphone.

What is this device?

As the name suggests, this little inventions is tiny enough to fit in the human ear. As the name also suggests, it is used for spying purposes. It is a usually skin colored which makes it easy to conceal by wearing it in the ear. It can be used for two way covert communications between the user and a second person. It is available on the net for very cheap prices and there are also instructions on how to make a rough model at home.

How to install it?

The Spy Earpiece consists of a small flesh colored device which is inserted into the ear. It is provided with a strong string for when you need to remove it. The user also wears a coil necklace around his neck. This necklace is attached to a microphone speaker and also connects to the user’s mobile phone through the audio port. The coil is hidden beneath the clothes of the user to protect it from being seen.

How does it work?

Broadly speaking, this earphone works on electromagnetic induction method. The loop around the neck inducts the message to the earpiece. This piece then converts the signal to audio which is heard by the user. The microphone on the coil is used by the speaker to send messages back thereby conducting a 2 way conversation. The distance between the implanted device and the loop determines the quality of the sound.

Why would I want to use it?

At first, this subject seems rather illegal. I mean, why would you want such spyware? When you think about it, however, you realize there are legitimate uses for it. In business, for example, the wearer is able to get information from a friend or colleague who can also prompt him when he has forgotten or overlooked facts. Getting the information discreetly helps him save face. Another use is for security experts and bodyguards who can keep up a constant vigil on their clients. Bank tellers can keep it on for safety and alert security should there be any danger without the person making the threat any wiser.

Again, this device can and has been used illegally too. Students can use the same as an easy way to score marks. This, of course, should be discouraged strongly as the losers down the line will be the same students. It may also be used by gamblers or other players who look to benefit from the insider information being passed onto them. If caught, penalties will be severe indeed. And of course, it can also be used by politicians who can be prompted as they make their flowery speeches or helped when they are faced with difficult questions.
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